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Delaval offer the complete range of dairy equipment products and solutions including milking, herd management, feeding, milk cooling and storage, cow comfort, Barn and working environment, manure and effluent.


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We offer all types of milking solutions designed to give excellent milking hygiene, improve udder health & reduce labour costs.

Herd Management

Accurate individual cow data to help you manage your herd. User friendly and flexible - maximise the potential of your herd.


Maximise your feeding investment. Optimal calf rearing and rotary feeding systems for your farm.

Milk Cooling and Storage

DeLaval offers a comprehensive range of technical, on-farm milk cooling equipment to ensure effective cooling and quality milk production.

Cow Comfort

Our animal care range includes hygienic surface treatments for floors, walls, grooming equipment, hoof care tools, halters, collars, cow mats, calf feed fences, cubicle dividers, feed fences, short stands, gates and partitions.

Barn & Working Environment

Delaval provide a wide range of products to ensure a clean and productive barn environment. Optimum cow comfort, health and productivity is essential in protecting your milk quality.

Manure & Effluent

Manure systems contribute directly to the profitable running of your farm, from cleaning your barn, through to manure pumps and agitators. We offer planning; hard working products; and service by qualified technicians.

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