8 tonne combo tandem axle fertiliser spreader is one of the super spreaders that SAM has ever made. This SAM product features 800 mm wide floor-belt, hydraulic clutch to ground driven floor belt and UV-stabilized polyethylene bin - 8mm. With independent quality and accuracy tested by AgCal NZ Ltd, this fertiliser spreader guarantees good performance for agriculture.

8 tonne combo tandem axle fertiliser spreader made by Coombridge & Alexander features 800mm Wide Floor-Belt, Hydraulic Clutch, UV-stabilised Polyethylene Bin and Floor-belt Chain. The SAM fertiliser spreader has other accessories, including: Iconix Electronic Weigh Scales and Display Indicators, Material Agitator, Hydraulic Computer Drive, Cover and frames, standard and roll top, Heavy-Duty Swivel Towing-Eye, Remote Tandem-Axle Greasing, Brakes (Tandem-Axle _ front hubs) and LED Lights and Over-Width Flags. Featuring powerful engines and smart design, this lime spreader is one of the toughest and durable SAM products. The SAM 8 tonne combo tandem axle fertiliser spreader is capable of handling 10-tonne Lime and 5.2- tonne Urea, making your farming job more productive.


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Model Specifications

Axle Type Axle Capacity Wheel Type Jack Type Overall Length Overall Width Overall Height Bin Width Bin Length Capacity Superphosphate Lime Urea
Tandem-axle 80mm 16,000 kg 500/60 x 22.5 70 mm screw jack 6.1 m 2.75 m 2.25 m 2.1 m 4.1 m 6.5 m3 8 T 10 T 5.2 T