Designed for your accurate spraying jobs.

Jacto's popular HD400 16L Industrial Sprayer has an internal mechanical agitator that does an excellent job of keeping powdered chemicals in suspension. The HD400 was independently tested for more than 1,500 continuous hours of operation with no breakdowns and the Jacto HD400 is easily converted for either right-hand or left-hand operation. Fully equipped with viton seals, the HD400 is ideal for users who will be spraying aggressive chemicals.

Jacto, a manufacturing company in Brazil, is known world wide for their robust and reliable sprayers for domestic, commercial & industrial spraying. Mr. Nishimura named this company Jacto, and became known for always taking the best care of his customers. Today, Jacto continues the philosophy of their founder; producing high quality backpack and compression sprayers from the best available modern materials. Rapid Spray are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Jacto Backpack & Compression sprayers in Australia.


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Model Specifications

Compression Sprayer 5 Litre Home gardening, professional spraying & landscape maintenance
Backpack Sprayer 12 Litre Home gardening, professional spraying & landscape maintenance
Industrial Sprayer 16 Litre Professional spraying, landscape maintenance, Industrial cleaning, wallpaper stripping, truck wash