Cleaner power.

The groundbreaking MF8700 series offers some of the most efficient, effectiveand usable power in it's category.

These are tractors with an enormous appetite for work, built to effortlessly cover hectare after hectare, all the while keeping refreshed and the fuel bill to a minimum.


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Model Specifications

Model Rated power* (hp/kW) Max. power** (hp/kW) Max. power with EPM*** (hp/kW) Max. torque (PM) Package
MF 8727 240/176 270/199 300/221 1,300 Efficient or Exclusive
MF 8730 265/195 295/217 325/239 1,390 Efficient or Exclusive
MF 8732 290/213 320/235 350/257 1,500 Efficient or Exclusive
MF 8735 320/235 350/257 380/279 1,590 Efficient or Exclusive
MF 8737 340/250 370/272 400/294 1,600 Efficient or Exclusive

*@ 2100 rpm | **@ 1900 rpm | ***@ 1500 rpm with EPM


Massey Ferguson Performance

Our technology solutions enhance your tractor performance.

A tractor can only be as good as it its weakest link. MF tractors ensure that the performance and efficiency of the engine, transmission, and hydraulics are optimised to minimise fuel use and maximise output without compromising the environment and requiring a high operator workload.

Massey Ferguson Productivity

We’ve automated functions and operations to boost productivity.

Operation of today’s modern, widest and most sophisticated implements involves a number of functions using the linkage, hydraulics, PTO and transmission, especially on a headland turn. Grouping these functions together or automating them gets the best out of tractor and implement.

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