The SpartanII range is the next generation of Spartans incorporating new and improved features further increasing the productivity and versatility of this well-proven direct drilling solution. The second generation machine has been updated to suit Australian and New Zealand conditions. Built around tried and tested components and technologies, such as the well-proven zone cultivation design of Great Plains' 07 Series opener, the new Spartan incorporates a wide range of new and improved features.

The Spartan II retained many important features as well: zone cultivation seeding, impressive opener down-pressure for true no-till seeding, hydraulic weight transfer and excellent ground contour following. The Spartan II comes with two 2885 litre hoppers for seed/dry fertiliser applications. The new 6m working-width Spartan II 607 can be specified with 40 or 32 rows, giving row spacings of 15cm and 19cm respectively.


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Model Specifications

  NTA607-2 NTA907-2
Primary Design No-Till No-Till
Tractor Attachment Drawbar Drawbar
Row Spacings 15.4cm (6") 19.1cm (7 1/2") 15.4cm (6") 19.1cm (7 1/2")
Number of Openers 40, 32 48 or 60
Wing Flex Standard: 10 degree down; Unlimited Up Standard: 10 degree down; Unlimited Up
Spacing at Wing Gaps Standard Flex: 24.1cm
Tire Size with Brakes 10.0/75-15.3 14 ply (imp) 600/55-26.5 16 ply (cart)
Tire Size without Brakes 11Lx15 18 ply Load F (imp) 23.5/55-26 12 ply (cart)
HP Requirements (min) 170+ 250+
Weight (approx.) 10200-15800kg (22500-34900) 14,130 - 15,000 kg
Working Width 6m (20') 9.0m
Width (Transport) 2.95m (9' 8") 2.95m (9' 8")
Length (Transport) 9.7m (31' 10") 11.3m (37')